Helpful Tips: Do you think your partner is cheating?

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1. Does he/she give you a home phone number and cellular number?

2. Does he/she give you a home address and have you been there?

3.  Have you met his/her family? If not, why?

4. Have you met his/her friends? If not, why?

5.  Can you call him/her anytime you want?

6.  Does his/her stories add up – think carefully?

7. Is he/she always busy working or traveling and have no time for you?

8. Does he/she spend the whole night with you?

9. Do you know where he/she works? Can you drop by for lunch or call him/her while they are at work?



I’m married or living with my partner, I suspect they are cheating, what should I do?


1. Be prepared to hear the results of your own investigation. They might not be what you want to know but NEED to know.

2. Are you prepared for the life change?

3. What are you going to do if you find that they are cheating on you?

4. Do you have any money put away? If not it may be a good idea to start a little fund.

5. Do you plan on divorcing? Trying marriage counseling?

6. If you’re a stay at home mom, think about getting a job, what will you do?

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